Flower Pot Air Conditioner Guarantees Lower Energy Bills [Pics]

Cold Pot uses a natural bio air conditioning process to cool the air around it.

Created by Zurich-based independent designer Thibault Faverie, Cold Pot is a terracotta pot that gradually lowers the air temperature around it through a natural evaporation process.

The pot works based on a natural bio air-conditioning system. The porous terracotta surface acts as a heat exchange by absorbing water from the inside and sending it to the outer surface. When the water comes in contact with the air outside, it evaporates. The process cools the object and the inner aluminum pipe where air circulates.

Sustainable and low-maintenance, the Cold Pot only needs two liters of water to cool a room.


Thibault Faverie

Source: designboom

Images: Thibault Faverie