Bitcoin Minecraft Hack Represents Currency Values As Architecture [Video]

Bitcoin Statcraft takes real time value and represents them as virtual reality towers.

If you have ever wondered how much pizza you could buy with those bitcoins you’ve bought, Jay Zehngebot can give you an answer in real time with Bitcoin Statcraft, an online mod built using the Minecraft platform.

Minecraft is an online sandbox game that allows players to create worlds all their own by mining for materials and defending their structures. While some players recreate fantasy worlds or stretch the limits of the physics engine with daring designs, Zehngebot created a mod of the game to graphically represent the value of bitcoins.

The game updates with real information as it added, meaning every time the cryptocurrency grows, the towers in the game grow higher. The mod shows how much pizza you could buy with 10,000 bitcoins, the price of gold in USD and the U.S. bitcoin market cap. It presents a more physical representation of a currency that doesn’t exist offline, a helpful tool for those still grasping the concept.

Bitcoin Statcraft

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Image: Bitcoin Statcraft