Donation Platform Automatically Gives To Charities As People Spend

Designed to remove any barriers to supporting charities, Changefolio syncs automatic micro-donations with people’s daily expenses.

Changefolio is an online platform that makes donations easy and social. Automatic micro-donations are synced with people’s daily spending. The updated donation model enables people to give a small amount to a chosen charity when they use their debit or credit card.

These payments are then taken from a linked bank account and given to the organization. Some examples given include rounding up the change at Starbucks for clean water or giving 3% of Trader Joe’s purchases to a local food bank.

Donation Platform Automatically Gives To Charities As People Spend

The aim is for donors to make giving part of their lives. The process is also customizable, with donors being able to set weekly limits and closely monitor or cancel any donation they wish.

Changefolio awards donors with badges, progress indicators and feedback from charities. They can view interactive graphs of their donations over time and their activity can be shared with other users and their Facebook or Twitter friends.


Source: Changefolio

Images: Changefolio