Coca-Cola Vending Machine Can Only Be Seen By Couples [Video]

Invisible vending machines surprise lovers on Valentine's Day.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on February 18, 2014. @greenidealism

Not only do vending machines offer all kinds of products, including piping-hot burritos and crunchy salads, but they also come in all shapes and sizes. For Valentine’s Day this year however, Coca-Cola managed to create a truly original offering, in the form of an “invisible vending machine” that only reveals itself to passing couples.

When the machine detects a passing couple, it lights up and asks them their names. After a short wait, complete with some visual entertainment, the couple are presented with a pair of cans complete with the names they just shouted out to the machine.

It could be argued that single people are the ones in need of the most attention on Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing wrong with rewarding happiness.



Source: DigitalBuzz

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