Defense Department To Develop Transforming, Flying Drones [Pics]

Defense Department To Develop Transforming, Flying Drones [Pics]

ARES, the latest DARPA drone, will be able to attach to several different vehicles, increasing its capability on the battlefield.

Sara Roncero-Menendez

DARPA, a branch of the United State government’s Department of Defense responsible for new military technology, has developed a new drone that can be attached to other vehicles for more advanced capabilities in the field.

The project, called Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System (ARES), is in its third and final stage of testing. It’s main functions will be, dispatching troops in difficult environments, resupplying deployments and evacuating injured soldiers. The systems integration and design support being handled by Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, meaning the drone may be capable of attaching to several different all-terrain vehicles and transporters.


In 2010, DARPA announced that they would have a flying car as part of the Transformer (TX) project. While ARES is not quite the same as a flying car, it’s certainly a step in that direction. There is no word as of yet when ARES will be officially deployed in combat.


Sources: Mashable

Images: DARPA

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