Photographer Stages Fake Murder Crime Scenes In His Home

Photographer Stages Fake Murder Crime Scenes In His Home

Photographer Luis Diaz Diaz portrays grisly events that could happen inside the home.

Daniela Walker

When Luis Diaz Diaz came to photograph Casa Baladrar, a holiday home in Benissa, Spain for architects Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos he decided to add mystery to the home by making it the scene of a few crimes.

In one photograph, you see a man hanging ominously outside of a window, another with a woman’s legs from behind a sofa and in another, perhaps most disturbingly, a woman lying face down in the pool. The photographer told Dezeen:

Every time I take pictures of houses I think about all of the things that could happen inside. Many things happen in the life of a house, sometimes good sometimes bad; it can be robbed, or there could be a big party. So a house is the perfect place for creating a fantasy. I wanted to create a contrast between the clarity of the architectural lines of the house and these kind of weird event.

There seems to be a trend lately of architects staging homes to look slightly more lived in, like the apartment in Lyon, France set to look like a party had just happened. if purchased. The trend creates a “lived-in” feel to homes, instead of the pristine fantasy that most real estate agents want to portray.

See more of Casa Baladrar below:

Luis Diaz Diaz

Source/Images: Dezeen

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