By Serena Chu
on February 20, 2014 in

Documentary Made For Oculus Rift Explores The Future Of Virtual Reality [Video]

The move industry is tapping into the virtual reality, immersing viewers directly into the scene-by-scene action.

If you ever wondered when the entertainment industry would venture into virtual reality, then you’d be surprised to know that the time is already upon us. Created by filmmaker Danfung Dennis, Zero Point is the first 3D, 360-degree movie that fully immerses the viewer into the scene-by-scene action. The movie fully takes advantage of the Oculus Rift headset, adding to the VR possibilities behind the system.

Instead of watching the movie on a flat canvas, viewers will have the option to turn their head around and get a full view of various environments, a new kind of viewing that systematically enhances the movie experience.

Zero Point is a documentary about the past and future of the augmented space, profiling innovators in virtual reality and highlights many industry milestones, from last year’s Electronics Entertainment expo to military training at Camp Pendleton.

To catch a glimpse of the technology, check out the movie below.

Source: Business Insider, Pop Sci

Images: Pop Sci