Digital Resume Illustrates Qualifications With Flashy GIFs

Creative reveals an eye-catching alternative to the dull and lifeless resume.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on February 26, 2014. @greenidealism

GIFs are normally the medium of the latest online meme, or some other tongue-in-cheek moment, but one creative decided to put them to better use. Buenos Aires-based Ivan Basurto D. created The GIF Resume as a way to share his experience and qualifications in an eye-catching and engaging format.

ivan-basurto-gif-resume-4           ivan-basurto-gif-resume-5


Housed on a Tumblr Blog, each section of the resume has its own title GIF that you can click to explore Ivan’s skills, experience, and education in more depth. Once there, you will get a more complete picture of who Ivan is a writer and designer, among other things. There are also plenty of links through to his online social presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Behance.

ivan-basurto-gif-resume-3           ivan-basurto-gif-resume-7


For those who are impressed by the idea but maybe not so enamoured with the flashing lights, you can also check out a more static version of Ivan’s resume right here.

Ivan Basurto D.

Source: DesignTaxi

Images: The GIF Resume

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