GPS Device Lets Parents Track Children’s Movements Like Marauder’s Map

Trax, a GPS-tracking device for kids and pets, comes with an app that shows the tracker’s location in real time.

Created by Swedish startup WTS – Wonder Technology Solutions, Trax is a small and wearable GPS-tracking device that allows owners to track their children or pets via an accompanying mobile app or computer.

Through the accompanying app, parents can see the tracker moving around in real time on a digital map. Parents can create “safe zones” or GEO-fences to help clarify the movements they are tracking and receive notifications about fast movements and/or when a tracker enters or leaves a geo-fence zone. Parents can also keep track of distances traveled.


Trax is durable, smaller than a matchbox, and weighs only 25g — making it easy to attach to kids’ clothing or things or to pet collars. The device is also waterproof and comes with two years of free roaming service.

Trax is available for $219 on their website. The next shipment of the product is in March.