If Manhattan Neighborhoods Were Assigned Their Most Ubiquitous Brand’s Logo [Pics]

If Manhattan Neighborhoods Were Assigned Their Most Ubiquitous Brand’s Logo [Pics]

British designer James Campbell Taylor portrays historic New York City neighborhoods as the businesses that appear there most frequently.

Sara Roncero-Menendez

The borough of Manhattan is filled with different neighborhoods, each with their own shops, landmarks, and personalities. For British designer, James Campbell Taylor, the spirit of these individual areas was clear and easily expressed by inserting their names into the brands most closely associated with each area.


For his latest series, City in Chains, Taylor takes 14 Manhattan neighborhoods and turned them into their own logos. The Uniqlo brand is SoHo, highlighting the neighborhood’s highly fashionable boutiques, and the Upper East Side’s astounding amounts of Duane Reade pharmacies make it the logo of choice for that locale.

Still, not all of these brand-portrayals are flattering to the populations they represent. Those who live in Gramercy or Midtown might not be too pleased by the constant fast food in their area, nor would those in Greenwich village enjoy the notion that their most abundant coffee spot is Starbucks.

While these logos do, in a way, encompass the every-day sights of each neighborhood, it’s not the most flattering of messages. New York City, often held in high esteem for its culture and unique brands, is almost exclusively portrayed in the most common of commercial chains.


City in Chains
Source, Images: FastCompany

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