IKEA’s Space-Saving Billboard Fits Three Ads Into One [Video]

Creative advertising uses colored lightbulbs to turn 9 m² of space into 27 m²

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on February 26, 2014. @greenidealism

You could argue that flat-pack furniture is an idea that was born from the desire to fit as much as possible into the smallest available space. IKEA have once again proven just how good they are at applying that principle with the “RGB Billboard,” an advertisement that uses ingenious lighting to fit 27 m² worth of advertising into just 9 m².

Created in partnership with German ad agency Thjnk and the production studio I Made This, the billboard features three different lines of text, each in a different color that is only illuminated when exposed to a specific type of lightbulb. Red bulbs illuminate the cyan text; green lights up magenta; and the blue-purple lights make yellow visible.

As pointed out by AdWeek, it’s an idea that is only really effective at night. So while it might be a super-efficient way to get multiple messages across, there are still limitations since the text does not show up as clearly in the bright sunlight. However, in countries that experience perpetual darkness during certain times of the year however, such as Sweden,  it could be the perfect way to advertise to that audience.

IKEA //  Thjnk

Source: AdWeek

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