Mercedes-Benz Crafts Surfboard That Tracks Wipeouts And Hang-Tens [Pics]

McNamara’s custom-tailored surfboard features integrated telemetry technology.

Since Mercedes-Benz is a sponsor of surfer Garrett McNamara, it partnered up with ad agency BBDO Portugal to design a custom-tailored surfboard just for him. No short of luxury products from the German carmaker, McNamara will now glide his way through the massive waves of Portugal with precision and style.


Sleek, black and completely futuristic, the “Silver Arrow of the Seas” features an innovative integrated telemetry system that can measure the rider’s performance in the water. It has been specially designed to complement McNamara’s signature riding style, offering better handle on his runs.

To see how McNamara conquered the waters of North Canyon, check out the video below.


Source: Designboom