Philips’ Supermarket LEDs Help Shoppers Navigate The Aisles

Smart maps and proximity alerts make it easy to find your favorite products.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on February 18, 2014. @greenidealism

There are those who enjoy strolling grocery store aisles for hours, but there are also those who want to get exactly what they came for in as little time as possible. A new system from Philips, which is very similar to Apple’s iBeacon, can provide shoppers with a map that shows their exact location, as well as directs them to the products they need using mini LED lights.

For those who are unaware, Philips already has an impressive reputation when it comes to LED lightbulbs and other lighting technology, which is why they want the new navigation system to be integrated. There aren’t many details about how cost-effective the system would be, or what devices it would work with, but trials are already underway in Düsseldorf – so there is a good chance it will become a reality.

Apart from shopper assistance, the system could also allow businesses to ping customers with the latest deals or items of interest in their vicinity. It’s unclear whether the system would tie in with existing customer information, but if it did, then it would it would probably be fairly easy to tailor alerts based on previous buying habits as well.


As pointed out by The Verge; Macys, American Eagle, and MLB ballparks are already trying out Apple’s iBeacon technology, which would suggest there is a healthy customer base for Philips, and other potential competitors to tap into. A lot will depend on the company’s initial trial, and with no dates set for wider distribution, it could be a while before we see the technology in action across the country.

Source: The Verge

Images: Philipskozumel

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