Russian Nationalist Propaganda Posters Get The Rainbow Treatment [Pics]

Pride Propaganda is a series of posters made from re-purposed Soviet imagery.

Created in response to Russia’s controversial anti-gay laws, Pride Propaganda is a series of posters created from re-purposed Soviet propaganda imagery.

The posters feature families, children, individuals, and groups of people standing and celebrating together amidst a background of rainbow colors. The re-purposed posters display messages like “The sun shines bright upon the proud,” “Show pride in the workplace,” and “A father should be proud,” along with the hashtag #PridePropaganda.

The posters show support for LGBTQ rights and acceptance of the community through imagery originally meant to be nationalistic.

Pride-Propaganda-1 Pride-Propaganda-2

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Pride Propaganda

Source: designboom

Images: Pride Propaganda