Tiny Box Creates Projection-Mapping Light Show In The Palm Of The Hand [Video]

When placed under a smartphone, Bandai’s Hako Vision creates a display of Tokyo’s landmarks.

Bandai Hako Vision allows users to create a mini spectacle in the palm of their hands, using their smartphone and a tiny cardboard box that holds a cutout of a building.

The toy recreates projection mapping on Tokyo’s landmark buildings by using a QR code, a clear plate and a smartphone. The phone reads the QR code and when placed on top of the box refracts a projection mapping video playing on the the phone (created by Ryotaro Muramatsu) onto the miniature building.

Projection mapping is usually a special event – an unusual sight to be seen – but the Hako Vision toy allows children to take it with them wherever they go.

Watch the Japanese video below to see it in action:


Source: Japan Trends