Dual-Purpose T-Shirt Packaging Transforms Into Hanger

Dual-Purpose T-Shirt Packaging Transforms Into Hanger

Transforma is an environmentally-friendly packaging concept that unfolds to create a hanger for the t-shirt that it holds.

Kristen Nozell

Turkish industrial design student Asli Ozcivelek has created an innovative and sustainable packaging solution for t-shirts can also ¬†once it reaches the customer’s closet. Similar to the H+Bag, Transforma aims to reduce consumer waste by providing a secondary use for the in-store packaging. The package is made from recycled moulded paper pulp and contains a window to allow potential customers to see the color and feel the material. Once purchased, the sides of the package fold up to become the arms of the hanger, while the loop serves as the top of the hanger.


Source: Design Taxi, Dornob

Images: Asli Ozcivelek