Magazines’ Aesthetic Emulates Our Finicky Feelings Towards The Weather [Pics]

Students dedicate their project to the dichotomy between sunny and overcast weather.

The brilliant characteristics of natural light and the changing of seasons significantly influence our moods and feelings, making for an interesting topic of research. To document the intrinsic relationship humans have with weather, Denis Junemann, a student at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg–Schweinfurt, framed a project that analyzed how weather patterns can trigger moments of euphoria and despair.

weather 5

Aura & Fluidum is a two-part magazine feature that includes articles, facts and thought-provoking images to illustrate the weather phenomena. Junemann’s color usage plays a large part in expressing the dichotomy between sunny and overcast weather. The project also includes an encyclopedia of meteoritical facts, which was created to provide readers with background information regarding the subject.

weather 7

Together, the magazines assemble a multi-faceted representation of people’s everyday life. Interviews with people who work outside on a daily basis, like postmen and dustmen, reference the effects of the abundance of weather, while interviews with people who stay in the shadows day-in and day-out, like prisoners and mine workers, explain the effects of the absence of weather.

Click through the photos below to appreciate the artists’s inspiring work.

Source: Behance