Oculus Rift Zelda Game Lets Players Take A First-Person Perspective

Instead of playing from an aerial perspective, ZeldaVR enables people to play the classic game from the perspective of one of the characters

Many will agree that one of the best games to played on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was Legend of Zelda. Now, one developer has recreated that 8-bit game for the Oculus Rift.

The artwork and gameplay of ZeldaVR are identical to the original game, but developer Ubiquitron has changed the view so that it is now first person, rather than top-down. Seeing through the eyes of Link, players can wander their way through the first dungeon and overworld.

It is getting four star ratings on VirtualReality.io, where it can be downloaded for free, but one commenter, Austin Lane Howard did warn there is a possible nausea side-effect:

Made me a little sick after playing it for several hours, but other than that, it’s phenomenally done. Made me want a new Zelda.

Currently in beta, the game lets anyone with an Oculus Rift developer’s headset have a go at the first level of the classic game.

For those without a headset, watch a preview below:


Source: Dvice