Artist Asks The Crowd To Help Him Create His Film Frame By Frame

Artist Asks The Crowd To Help Him Create His Film Frame By Frame

Illustrator Raphael Grampá used crowdsourced creativity to make his film for Absolut #NEXTFRAME. [Partner Content]

Daniela Walker
  • 19 march 2014

This article is presented in partnership with Absolut to support the launch of their #NEXTFRAME project. Get updates on additional Absolut collaborations at

As an illustrator, Rafael Grampá is used to working alone. For his graphic novels, he writes the scripts, draws the characters and colors them in himself. But working with Absolut, the acclaimed Brazilian artist was given the opportunity to co-create a 3D animated short film – a first for him – with the help of the brand’s online fans.

Grampa-Working copy

The project, called #NEXTFRAME, asked Absolut’s global network of almost five million Facebook fans to input ideas as the story was being created, effectively having them collaborate with Grampá. He would post a couple frames of a scene on the site, and ask for suggestions at key points, looking to social media users to guide the next animation with their own creativity.

Grampá’s collaboration with Absolut is the first iteration of their new global campaign, ‘Transform Today’ – which sees the company pair up with artists in projects that are intended to bring out the creativity of Absolut fans, giving them an opportunity to explore the creative process of an artist and add their own original thinking to the mix.


For Grampá, the collaboration pushed him into a role that he had never before held, that of film director. Prior to writing his own graphic novel series, he worked at an animation studio where he was helping to fulfill someone else’s dream. That’s when Grampá decided to carve his own path, find his own aesthetic and create his own darkly beautiful world in his directorial debut. The #NEXTFRAME project pushed the artist to another level, encouraging creativity on-the-fly and considering storytelling in a whole new format, as he has never created his own work in 3D before.

You can see Grampá working in this new medium in the ‘making of’ video below:

Absolut’s campaign has enabled them to reach out to an audience not through the product itself, but through the company’s strongly held belief that creativity is a critical asset, and it needs to be fostered. ‘The future is not a given, it’s yours to create’, is the campaign’s message, and it applies not only to the audience but the participating artists themselves.


According to Jonas Tåhlin, Absolut VP of Global Marketing, “The #NextFrame project builds on Transform Today’s idea of ‘The future is not a given, it’s yours to create’ by offering an opportunity to those who were inspired by the campaign to actually co-create with one of the artists in it. But that was only half of the project, we also wanted to find a way for Grampá to push his own boundaries by transforming his illustrations into 3D animation.”

As the illustrator explains, the project unveiled a whole new arena of creating. “[It’s] a translation of my art from 2D to 3D,” he said, “I already explore my style through image, sequence and space. Now I’m experiencing telling my stories with image, movement, time and sound.”


The resulting collaborative short film, Dark Noir, premiered at Absolut’s culture space MADE in Berlin on March 14th. Watch the film below:

The global campaign will continue with collaborations from other groundbreaking international artists in the near future. Each will be similar to #NEXTFRAME, providing audiences with opportunities to interact and practice their own creativity, and inspire them to discover their own potential.

To learn more about the project click here.

This article is presented in partnership with Absolut to support the launch of their #NEXTFRAME project. Get updates on additional Absolut collaborations at

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