Vending Machine Dispenses DNA Samples Like Candy [Video]

Vending Machine Dispenses DNA Samples Like Candy [Video]

Artist launches an awareness campaign in the name of identity ownership.

Serena Chu

Biotechnology is a field of study that has kept many people looking over their shoulders, mainly because issues regarding ownership of one’s DNA are rather hazy. The DNA Vending Machine project highlights the implications of our increased access to biotechnology, as it sends along a hauntingly powerful message of individuality.

This art installation, drawn up by Gabe Barcia-Colombo, sells packaged DNA in traditional vending machines. Each extracted DNA sample comes with a collectible photo of the person who gave it.

If purchasing a vial of DNA was as straightforward as slotting in some pocket change, think how easy it is for people to abuse such privileges.

If you walked by this vending machine, would you make a claim on someone else’s DNA? Check out the video below.

The DNA Vending Machine