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Elevator Screen Creates Interactive Experiences On Everyday Rides [Video]

Elevator Screen Creates Interactive Experiences On Everyday Rides [Video]

This floor-to-ceiling infotainment system for elevators is a ride in itself.

Rachel Pincus

Another day, another way to avoid eye contact in the tiny box that hurtles you up to your office. You’ve probably seen all manner of TVs and information readouts in various elevators – but what about one that turns a mundane experience into a transcendent one?

Digigage is a software and sensor system that creates an interactive experience out of elevator screens. Animated ‘wallpapers’ that make use of tricks of perspective can scroll with the elevator, making it into a theme park ride of sorts.

The control system for Digigage’s “digitally transparent elevator” is cloud-based, and one user can control several elevators at a time. The displays can also be custom-tailored to display different information based on the floor the elevator has reached along with the more typical news and RSS feeds.

“We are aiming to become a universal platform for content and information tailored to the elevator market. Any elevator company can add the system to their elevators in order to enhance the passenger experience and build communication while using their product,” CEO Jonathan Einav told TechCrunch. The system allows for text and information customization, and is autonomous from the elevator’s workings.

Though the system seems a recipe for seasickness, this has been carefully taken into consideration by the engineers, and they assure readers of their FAQ that the system works by “synchronizing the movement that you feel to the one that you see, so your body’s sensors receive correlated inputs that create a more comfortable feeling.” Check out a demonstration below. You can see some of that effect in the video below.

Image: Gizmag
Sources: Gizmag, TechCrunch

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