Stock-Like Platform Tells Collectors When To Buy And Sell Emerging Artwork

ArtRanks quantifies the emerging art market based on various metrics.

ArtRank aims to quantify the emerging art market by calculating when people should buy work by a certain artist and for how much.


According to its website, the platform “identifies prime emerging artists” based on a variety of metrics, including web presence (verified social media counts, inbound links), studio capacity and auction results.

The platform takes a stock market approach to artists, using an algorithm that was originally developed for an emerging art fund in 2012. Having first launched as SellYouLaterâ„¢ earlier this year, ArtRank rebranded to help art collectors and institutions that are interested in emerging artists.

The team behind the platform – a data scientist, a financial engineer and an art professional – has chosen to remain anonymous to ensure the integrity of ArtRank’s index and reduce potential conflicts of interest.

Art collectors and institutions can get ArtRank’s reports in advance by subscribing for early access.