Google Overlays Historical Data Onto Modern-Day Maps

Google Maps Gallery is a new way for companies and organizations to share and publish their own cartography.

Google has just launched the Google Maps Gallery, which aims to make all sorts of valuable mapping data available and accessible to the public.

The new platform is an expansion of the Google Maps Engine program launched last year that allowed organizations and businesses to share their maps online. Google Maps Gallery is a new and interactive way for companies and organizations to share and publish their mapping information.

The maps are overlaid on top of Google Maps and can be viewed in Google Earth. Each map includes a description and an option to order a print copy.


The new gallery works like an interactive digital repository of maps and includes content from organizations like the National Geographic Society, NASA, World Bank Group, the United States Geological Survey, among others.

Some of the maps that are currently available include content such as population statistics, historical city plans, deforestation changes, old maps, and reference maps. They also include data like a mapĀ of the American Civil War, an animation of Earth’s city lights by NASA, and a map of environmental change hotspots.

All the maps in the Gallery can be found through major search engines.


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Source: The Daily Mail