Leaning Desk Provides The Ideal Working Posture [Video]

Leaning Desk Provides The Ideal Working Posture [Video]

Focal Upright Furniture moves with the user as they relax in a half-standing/half-sitting position.

Emma Hutchings

For office workers looking to ease the pain of sitting in a desk chair all day, Focal Upright Furniture offers seats that let people lean back in a half-standing, half-sitting position. They help improve posture, circulation, and focus, moving with the user for ultimate comfort.

The Locus Seat enables people to enjoy all the health advantages of a standing desk, while their body settles into a comfortable leaning position that effortlessly supports the body. The ergonomic seat is designed to adjust to every move, while maintaining equilibrium between the back and abdominal muscles.

Major muscles are relaxed yet engaged, significantly reducing the risk of “sitting disease” or the fatigue brought on by standing, so it’s the perfect balance between sitting and standing. You can check out the Locus seat and workstation in the video below:


Focal Upright Furniture

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