LED Displays Provide Physical Extension For Frequent Flying App [Video]

Flying consists of wall-mountable panels that connect to the user’s account to display real-time flight information.

The Flying app helps frequent flyers keep track of their journeys, and the team has just created a physical product that connects to a user’s account to display their flights in the real world. Flying’s display keeps the flight information and the product at the forefront for its users.

Two LED panels are connected by an illuminated and interactive light tunnel, which displays the status of the flight (upcoming, in the air, or approaching final destination). The display shows important information about the flight and updates in real-time in case of a delay or cancelled flight. It can be programmed to operate at certain times, like during office hours.

LED Displays Provide Physical Extension For Frequent Flying App [Video]

To follow flights, Flying needs a wireless network and a power outlet. Users can also feature the flights of colleagues or friends from their personal network, managing these via the Flying app, or adding them to the display feed using a web-based interface. You can check out Flying in the video below:


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Images: Vimeo