Lululemon’s New Line Lets Yogis Go Out After Class In Style [Pics]

Lululemon’s New Line Lets Yogis Go Out After Class In Style [Pics]

The label's new line features double-duty pieces that can be worn to the gym and after.

Leah Gonzalez

Athletic gear brand Lululemon has launched a new line called &go;, which features pieces that can take wearers from the gym to their after-workout activities.

The new collection features double-duty pieces like tops, shorts and pants that are suitable for workouts and can be worn as street clothes. Some of the pieces include shorts and pants made out of a shiny fabric, tank tops with a flared bottom, and tops with open backs.


The items are made of light and breathable fabrics. Prices start at $54 for shorts, $108 to $118 for pants, $58 for tops, and $198 for dresses.

The new line shows the company taking its first steps outside of exercise clothing and gear.


Source: Fashionista, Racked
Images: Lululemon

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