Marvel Adds Sound Effects To Its Digital Comics

Adaptive Audio will be integrated into the subscription app for a more immersive experience.

The updated version of Marvel‘s subscription app will offer music and sound effects for a number of new digital comics. Marvel Unlimited’s ‘Adaptive Audio’ is designed to enhance the experience for readers and draw them into a more immersive story.

Marvel Adds Sound Effects To Enhance Its Digital Comics

Marvel’s digital team worked closely with composer David Ari Leon and his company SoundMind Music to map out the pacing of the stories and link certain characters with specific sounds. Kristin Vincent, Marvel’s Vice President of Digital Products, said:

It really is truly another storytelling device as opposed to just being some music that plays in the background. Music is playing and then a new stem of music comes in as the user panels through. The user can go forward or backward and controls the pace of when the music stems change. It’s really different every time because each user reads at a different pace.

Marvel Adds Sound Effects To Enhance Its Digital Comics

Readers will be able to try out the ‘Adaptive Audio’ experience for free with Captain America #8, and Marvel Unlimited members can also check it out in issues #9 and #11-14, which are part of the “Winter Solider” story arc.


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