Mockumentary Tracks The Oreo Cookie Production Process In Reverse [Video]

How It’s Unmade turns the well-known TV show on its head to disassemble sandwich cookies with a comedic narration.

How It’s Made is a popular documentary television show that provides a look at how common, everyday items, such as food and commercial products, are manufactured.

How It’s Unmade is the satirical spin-off from the YouTube channel Jerk Circle Media that takes an episode from the documentary series on the making of Newman-O’s sandwich cookies (not Oreos) and plays it in reverse. In the process, this parody video shows how uneaten cookies are disassembled to be harvested for their natural resources.

Along the way, the comedic narration informs the viewing audience that the unmaking of these cookies requires the work of actual wizards and results in the country’s main supply of flour, cocaine, and gunpowder.

Take a look at the full five-minute clip below, but be advised that the video contains some NSFW language.

Sources: reddit, YouTube, Laughing Squid