Painted Produce Items Create The Illusion Of Other Foods [Pics]

Painted Produce Items Create The Illusion Of Other Foods [Pics]

Hikaru Cho uses hyperrealism to disguise common fruits and vegetables.

Ross Brooks

Hikaru Cho is extremely talented with acrylic paints, and for her latest series of painting called “It’s not what it seems,” she decided to disguise various food items as other, completely different foods. While the concept might seem strange, the results speak for themselves as you’ll see below.

Using nothing more than acrylic paint, Cho is able to transform a banana into a cucumber, a tomato into an orange, and even an egg into an eggplant. Without seeing the before and after pictures, it would be almost impossible to identify what each layer of paint hides below the surface.


Cho has also experiment with similar techniques to create hyperrealistic body parts in places where they shouldn’t be; such as a mouth on the back of your hand, or eyes halfway down your face.





Hikaru Cho
Source: Ignant


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