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Chrome Plug-In Offers A Visual Map Of Your Internet Activity [Video]

Chrome Plug-In Offers A Visual Map Of Your Internet Activity [Video]

Iconic History displays users' browser history as a stack of Favicons.

Leah Gonzalez

Iconic History is a Chrome extension that visualizes the user’s browser history as a massive series of favicons.

A favicon is that tiny icon associated with a website. It usually shows up on the browser address bar or next to the name of the website in a list. Iconic History displays the favicons of all the sites the user has visited in the past four months in one page. The favicons are sorted based on when the user accessed them.

Hovering over a favicon displays the name of the site and the time it was accessed. Clicking on it takes the user to the website itself. The stack of favicons can also be filtered based on time periods.


The grid of icons helps the user see which sites they visit most often and when, and gives them an insight into what interests them online. It also allows them to see patterns in their browsing history and how they relate to specific events in their lives.

The Chrome extension was developed by Carnegie Mellon University student Shan Huang for her Interactive Art and Computational Design course with Golan Levin.

Iconic History is available for download in the Chrome Web Store.

Watch a demo of the program below.

Iconic History
Source: Gizmodo

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