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Pop-Up Restaurant Delivers Grilled Cheeses Via Parachute [Video]

Pop-Up Restaurant Delivers Grilled Cheeses Via Parachute [Video]

Jafflechutes throws tasty sandwiches out a window onto eager crowds below.

Daniela Walker

There are some days when you crave a melty, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. But people live their lives on the go, so what better way to get one then via…parachute? At least, that’s the concept of Jafflechutes, an Australian pop-up concept that is making its way to New York City.


In Australia, Jaffle is the word used to describe a sandwich toaster. Jafflechutes, bring together jaffles and parachutes in what was Australia’s ‘first float-down eatery.’ PSFK hazards a guess that it will probably take that honor for the US as well. To get one of these sandwiches (there is a choice of cheese and ham or cheese and tomato), hungry diners merely have to order through PayPal. They make their payment ($5 or $6 respectively), designate a pick up time and then go to a location where ‘x’ marks the spot and wait for their sandwich to float down.


Founders David McDonald and Adam Grant insist on their website that Jafflechutes is not a joke. And what about the age-old parachute problem of that flying gooey sandwich getting caught in a tree? Don’t worry Jafflechutes will send out another one.

See it in action below:


Source: Knstrct
Images: Jafflechutes, Klaus and Fritz, We Heart, Broadsheet

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