“Portlandia” Book Is Chock Full Of Hipster Activities [Pics]

“Portlandia” Book Is Chock Full Of Hipster Activities [Pics]

For fans of the satirical TV series, the Portlandia Activity Book encompasses all the hilarity a reader could ask for.

by Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 19 march 2014

Fans of IFC’s hit series Portlandia are familiar with the show’s brand of Northwestern hipster humor. Now they can take all the fun of Portland, Oregon and its two artsiest inhabitants with them using The Portlandia Activity Book, published by McSweeney’s.

Written by the show’s two stars, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, and its co-creator Jonathan Krisel, the book is filled with puzzles, games, and cut-outs suitable for any craft brewery trip, indie concert, or house party. Dazzle friends with your innovative conversation starters and stoppers, out-of-the-lines unicorn drawing, and even newly acquired online retail critique skills.


This spiral-bound activity book for adults is able to capture the satirical spirit of the show, showcasing the type of humor that has helped it amass a substantial cult following. It’s sure to provide laughs to the show’s many fans, and maybe even convince some hold-outs that the show is a worthwhile venture.

You can purchase The Portlandia Activity Book on Amazon and Amazon UK, or at any major book retailer.

Sources, Images: Bookmarks, TeamCoco

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