Weather Channel Attracts Brands By Predicting Consumer Demand Based On The Forecast

Temperature and rainfall fluctuations affect consumer demand for ice cream.

The Weather Channel’s Weather FX ad exchange is a new platform that can use changes in weather to predict consumer demand for products such as a beer and ice cream. Changes in temperature and rainfall in particular, are the two factors that seem to have the strongest impact on buying habits.

Some of trends noticed by Weather FX are that New Yorkers are more willing to spend their money on an ice-cold beer after three days of above-average temperatures in the summer. As for ice cream, people in Los Angeles are more likely to indulge when there is below-average wind speed and a temperature that doesn’t feel too cold during the fall.


Data has quickly become the currency of modern technology, and instead of just collecting data, as the Weather Company has done for the past 30 years, it was keen to find a way to put it into practice.

The Weather Channel
Source: AdWeek
Images: Anita Sarkeesian via Flickr