CGI Bear Is Actually A 3D Printed Animation [Video]


Stop motion made from 50 high-tech individual sculptures.

Ross Brooks

Stop motion animation is old school, 3D printing is new school, so why not create a clever combination of the two? The creative agency DBLG 3D printed 50 individual sculptures of a bear walking up some stairs. which were then photographed to create a two-second animated clip.

The process of printing the bears, photographing them, and stitching the images together into one seamless animation took an astonishing four weeks to complete. It might seem like a fairly unintuitive way to come away with something that looks like a simple GIF, but it also shows the interconnected nature of various technologies, and how they all feed off each other in one way or another.


To see some of the work that went into the project, be sure to cast your eyes over the video below.


[h/t] Visual News


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