Tiny 3D-Printing Pen Creates Sculptures In The Air [Pics]

Tiny 3D-Printing Pen Creates Sculptures In The Air [Pics]

The LIX pen creates doodles that literally leap off the page.

Tiffany Nesbit

3D printing is well on its way to becoming a mainstream technology, and new hardware is helping literally put its capabilities into the hands of consumers. The printers’ bulky mechanisms and knobs can be off-putting, and 3D printing pens are helping to streamline the process. While the 3Doodler brought the concept of a 3D printing pen to the market, the new LIX 3D printing pen is a much more compact version and can help people can see their designs jump off the page.

With a height of 6.45 inches, and a diameter of 0.55 inches, this tiny and lightweight tool is portable and functional. It’s small size assures that it can fit in the palm of your hand, and the power cable conveniently plugs into any USB port.


Like any 3D printing device, the LIX pen melts and cools colored plastic, allowing you to create rigid, freestanding structures. It is made of aluminum and comes in a variety of colors, so you can select one that suits you. Charging only takes one minute, and the pens are quite affordable with ballpoint versions starting at $60 and the 3D printing version at $140 for a limited time.

London based co-founders Delphine Eloise Wood, Anton Suvorov, and Ismail Baran have taken to Kickstarter to get the LIX 3D printing pen off the ground, and will be taking pre-orders soon. In the meantime, check out the video below to see the pen in action.