Vans Turns Our Cute Animal Obsession Into Social Good

Vans Turns Our Cute Animal Obsession Into Social Good

A capsule collection with the ASPCA spreads awareness of animal abuse.

Mike Ellenbogen

These days, it’s almost impossible to scroll through an Instagram feed or a Buzzfeed listicle without encountering heart-melting, tear-jerking photos of kittens or puppies. People’s undying love for their pets and for Internet celebs like Lil Bub is sometimes hard to express in an everyday
fashion. Vans and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have released a capsule collection that makes it easy to spread the animal love and to support the organization’s mission.


To help spread the word that animals deserve respect and protection from abuse, every piece in the collection is covered with cats and dogs – from hats to backpacks to slip-on sneakers. The ASPCA logo is found on the inner soles to enhance brand recognition and awareness for the cause.


The collaborative effort was brought about by Vans hoping to raise awareness for pet adoption and fight against animal abuse that continues to occur in our communities. Vans will be donating proceeds of the purchase to the ASPCA to support its tireless efforts to stop animal cruelty.

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