Chicago Eatery Creates Zero Waste [Video]


It took this restaurant two years to produce eight gallons of garbage.

Ross Brooks

Most restaurants produce about eight gallons of garbage every hour, but Chicago-based Sandwich Me In, took nearly two years to produce that much. Thanks to renewable energy, salvages goods, and locally produced food, Justin Vrany estimates that his restaurant’s carbon footprint is 85 percent less than restaurants of a similar size.

All of the restaurant’s waste is composted or recycled, and Vrany even started his own composting program so other people in the area can get involved. The restaurant’s power is wind-generated, and used oil is recycled to be used in bio-diesel engines. Nearly all of the food, a total of 98 percent, is made in-house and sourced from local farms.


To commemorate the occasion, Vrany had an artist come and collect the waste so that it could be transformed into a sculpture. If you want to learn more about this inspiring story, don’t miss out on the vide below.

Sandwich Me In

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