Alarm Clock Rouses You To The Sound Of Other People Waking Up Around The World

GPS coordinates translated into a collaborative musical experience.

Wake Up With the World” is a unique interpretation of the alarm clock created by Eric Rieper that creates a unique musical experience based on how many other people are waking up at the same time. The iOS applications translates GPS coordinates into into musical notes, which are then combined with the music generated in other places around the world.


Each participant becomes a unique instrument in the composition, and takes on one of four specific roles: lead, bass, chords, or percussion. As more people join, the length of the composition increases, as does the tempo of the music and the root note that is used as the starting point for the song.

Skip to 50 seconds for the start of the musical collaboration:

Built using Objective C, Wake Up With the World is part of Functional Embrace, Eric Rieper’s exhibition to be debuted at the Pratt Institute Department of Digital Arts gallery on April 14th, 2014.

Wake Up With the World

[h/t] Creative Applications