J. Crew’s Hand-Written Ad Is Customer Service Perfection

Creative Director Jenna Lyons writes a full-page thank you note to a fan.

The quest to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly is never-ending. Beach-goers have to wade through the plethora of fabrics and textures, linings, cup and strap sizes, and the list goes on. With warm weather fast approaching, every woman is on the hunt for a swimsuit with the perfect fit, except for journalist Jenni Avins.

A freelancer for New York Magazine, Jenni Avins had many scoop-back tank swimsuits from J. Crew as a child, but she took for granted how well-suited they were until they went out of production. For years, she searched the internet, department stores, and vintage shops across the country for something that was similar, but to no avail. After exhausting all other options, Avins penned an open letter to Creative Director Jenna Lyons on NY Mag’s The Cut blog, asking that the design be brought back.

In the letter, Avins got personal. She wrote about the joy she experienced wearing the J. Crew suit as a youngster, and detailed the many struggles she had in the years since. She mentioned designers that had similar products but pointed out why their suits were not exactly right, even including a picture of some swimsuits sent to her by her mother. She also very clearly stated her request, saying ‘Please bring back the scoop-back tank swimsuit,’ referring to it as ‘simple, sexy, and sporty suit with straight, tank-top-style shoulder straps that swoop like the letter U, dipping seductively in the back to the area just above my waist.’

Lyons wrote back quickly, saying she would look into it and would keep Avins posted on when the product would become available. Lyons kept her promise, and last week, she took out a simple full page ad in New York Magazine, featuring a model in the bathing suit, and the hand written caption: “Dear Ms. Avins, your wish is my command … within reason. XO Jenna.”

The scoopback swimsuit is currently available on the J. Crew website and in stores, and makes it very clear how much the J. Crew team listens to their fans and values customer satisfaction. If all designers made it as much of a priority, shoppers everywhere would be sure to rejoice.

[h/t] The Cut