Leica’s New Camera Does Away With Every Button [Pics]

Leica’s New Camera Does Away With Every Button [Pics]

The camera maker's first redesign in 60 years gets a helping hand from Audi.

Ross Brooks

Leica makes cameras that almost every photographer loves, which is why their designs haven’t changed in nearly 60 years. But the company decided it was time for a change with the new Leica T, a mirror-less, non-rangefinder camera, with a completely new industrial design and an all-new lens mount.

To ensure the camera had a simple but striking design, Leica teamed up with the talented people at Audi to come up with the T’s unique aluminum design. The camera itself also features a unique lug attachment system for straps and other accessories, a distinct lack of physical buttons, and a pop-up flash hidden beneath the immaculately polished exterior. For a full rundown of the camera’s specs, be sure to check out the full-length article on The Verge.


The Leica T will be available worldwide in silver on May 26th for about $1,850, with lenses costing between $1,800 and $1,900 depending on whether you want a prime, or zoom lens. When you compared the prices to the company’s M line, which currently has an asking price of $7,000, just for the body, the Leica T looks like an excellent bargain.

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[h/t] The Verge
Images: Engadget

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