Organ Music Dictates The Patterns On Handmade Scarves [Video]


The musical score punch card fed through a loom produces unique textile creations.

Ross Brooks

An organ music book is a type of punch card that can be fed into an organ to produce music, but London design duo Glithero decided to create textiles from them instead. Woven from a Jacquard loom, the clothing will be presented at an exhibition called Made to Measure next week in Milan.

Commissioned by the
Zuiderzee Museum and the Textiel Museum in the Netherlands, Glithero first had to translate the musical notes from an organ music book over to a punch card that was compatible with a Jacquard loom. Then, when fed in to the loom, hooks dropped down through each of the holes to change the direction of the threads and create a unique pattern inspired by music.


It was was no small effort to produce these items of clothing, which also required the help of weaver Wil van den Broek, and master organ maker Leon van Leeuwen. Catch a glimpse of the process for yourself in the following video.


Petr Krejčí

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