Penny-Sized Drawings Revisit The American Frontier [Pics]

Penny-Sized Drawings Revisit The American Frontier [Pics]

Artist Sam Larson draws miniature illustrations that are western-themed.

Leah Gonzalez

San Diego-based freelance artist Sam Larson creates teeny tiny illustrations that depict scenes inspired by the American West and posts them on Instagram every night.

Larson’s illustrations are just about the size of a penny and feature mountain ranges, forest scenes, wildlife, and more.

According to a post on the Instagram Blog, Larson’s interest in illustration was rekindled in 2013 after a five-year hiatus. He started creating small drawings and posting one on Instagram every night.

View some of his work below or on his Instagram profile.

Sam-Larson-tiny-illustrations-3.jpg Sam-Larson-tiny-illustrations-4.jpg Sam-Larson-tiny-illustrations-5.jpg Sam-Larson-tiny-illustrations-2.jpg

Sam Larson

[h/t] Visual News

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