Kinetic Hotel Chandelier Responds To Guests Social Media Updates [Video]


Project Edison turns environmental data into visual light shows.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 april 2014
  • Home

Project Edison is a kinetic lighting installation located in the lobby of The Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto. Developed by engineers from IDEO‘s creative technology studio, The Digital Shop, it was made with custom circuits, lightbulbs, software, and an in-house Internet Of Things toolkit.


Project Edison can visualize data from its local environment and respond to other platforms, like digital mentions. It is able to mimic the movement of people on the spiral staircase beneath it, come to life whenever someone talks about the hotel on social media, or change its movements to reflect the weather outside.


In the future, the project’s designers hope to make it even more interactive, by allowing anyone to program the installation. You can check out Project Edison in the video below:


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