Cafe Chair Cushion Lets People Know When Patrons Are Getting Up To Leave

The Smart Zabuton emits a signal when someone sits on it.

Developed by Japanese company Key Value, the Smart Zabuton is a cushion system that connects to an app and works with smart devices to let people know when a chair is available or not.

The Smart Zabuton emits a signal when the cushion is sat on. This allows users to use the app to check how many seats are free in a cafe or restaurant. Users will also be able to see which ones are free so they can determine the location of those seats.


The cushioning system can be used by businesses or companies for their operations or by individuals who can use the cushions at home or in the office and use the app to see how much time they spend sitting down.

The accompanying app is currently available on iOS, but the creators are also working on an Android version.

Key Value still has not set a price for the Smart Zabuton but it estimates the product to retail at 1,200 to 2,000 yen or around 11 to just under 20 dollars.


Key Value
[h/t] Japan Trends