Finalists Announced For The Crowdsourced Competition To Design The Hotel Of The Future

Finalists Announced For The Crowdsourced Competition To Design The Hotel Of The Future

Now that the 17John competition finalists have been determined, all that's left is for the judges to decide the winners.

  • 22 may 2014

PSFK has partnered with real-estate crowdfunding company Prodigy Network to crowdsource the designs for their most recent project 17John, an innovative hotel in the heart of New York City’s Financial District. For more inspiration around the project visit PSFK’s microsite.

As technology continues to dramatically change the way we work, travel, network and socialize, the service industry struggles to define new models which support and anticipate the emerging needs of their customers. 17 John- an innovative hotel in the heart of New York City’s Financial District- looks to change all of that through looking to the crowd to design both its physical and virtual components and create solutions with wider democratic appeal.

To support the competition, PSFK created a series of articles examining the trends driving changes around work, lifestyle and health and their impact on the business traveler, in effect providing inspiration around the three areas of the project brief: Public Spaces, Private Spaces, and Digital Services.

All submissions for the competition were subject to an open voting period to determine the finalists selected for each category. Originally, only 5 finalists were to be selected for each brief category, but due to the strength of the entries submitted, that number was expanded to 10. A hand-picked panel of world-renowned experts will look at these pools of finalists to award $50k in total prizes. Winners across all three categories will be announced on June 4th.

View a featured finalist for each category below and see a link to all finalists below.

Collaborative/Public Space

Bifocal Natures by Forum: This concept looks at the digital technologies and analog experiences can be combined to create a modern and balanced lifestyle in the city. For example, upon check-in guests can connect with a proprietary digital infrastructure linking them to an array services and people interested in networking offline. See all finalists for this category here.


17John Cotel

Private Space

Doble Faz by Alejandro: Through the use of mobile and concealed furniture, the room will adapt to rest, work and leisure activities and will allow the users to go from formal to informal settings, from private to social activities and from single user to multiple user experiences.  See all finalists for this category here.


17John Cotel

Digital Services

A New Connected Experience by Abelardo: This concept creates a unique way to experience all a building has to offer, allowing guests to access information about about their stay or bill, hotel services services, or enable guests to create work or leisure events and join them, enhancing their social networks. See all finalists for this category here.

17John Cotel

Prodigy Network is known as a pioneer in crowdfunding for real estate. In 2009—after more than 29 projects—Prodigy Network developed an innovative investment  model for crowdfunding in real estate, becoming the world’s leading platform in the field. By doing so, Prodigy introduced a way of democratizing investment opportunities for large-scale projects. Prodigy Network believes that community and transparency are essential to success in real estate.



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