Boeing Reveals Minimalist Interior For New Spacecraft

The Crew Space Transportation vehicle's interior has been designed by engineers from across the company.

Emma Hutchings

Boeing has unveiled the cabin design for the Crew Space Transportation vehicle (CST-100), which could one day be taking people to space. It is developing the next-generation manned space capsule for NASA, as part of the Commercial Crew Integrated Capability initiative.

The CST-100’s minimalist interior has been designed by engineers from across Boeing. The vehicle will be able to transport up to seven crew members or a mix of crew and cargo to low-Earth-orbit destinations such as the International Space Station.

It is seen as one of the first major steps towards commercial space travel in the future. Rachelle Ornan, regional director of Sales and Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said:

“Boeing’s teams have been designing award-winning and innovative interiors for our airplanes since the dawn of commercial aviation. Designing the next-generation interior for commercial space is a natural progression. A familiar daytime blue sky scene helps passengers maintain their connection with Earth.”

No word yet on when the new design would be ready to fly, but the future of commercial space flight looks bright already.


[h/t] Gizmag