10 Stories You Need to Know Today

10 Stories You Need to Know Today

David Abbott dies, how Jimmy Fallon engages millennials and active video games are healthy for children .

Hilary Weaver

Legendary copywriter David Abbott dies. BrandRepublic

Jimmy Fallon’s happy-go-lucky comedic style appeals to millennials. Forbes

The UK’s Codecademy teaches children coding skills. The Guardian

Active video games have positive effects on children’s health. Mashable

Las Vegas installs its first bitcoin ATM. CoinDesk

YouTube stars marketed by big brand media companies. The New York Times

Tesco to remove sweets from checkout lanes. BrandRepublic

Nest Labs recalls 440,000 fire alarms. San Jose Mercury News

Facebook to add sound features to status updates. arstechnica

Chrome makes ‘OK Google’ voice commands accessible to all. Engadget

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