Flexible Light Helps People Find Keys And Wallet In Their Giant Bags [Pics]

Flexible Light Helps People Find Keys And Wallet In Their Giant Bags [Pics]

This geometric, soft light hits the sweet spot between functionality and whimsy.

Rachel Pincus

As the season of floppy drawstring festival bags and giant summer beach totes draws near, finding essentials like one’s wallet in a timely manner can become a tall order. The world won’t wait around for you to fish in your big, dark bag for your stuff – and though you may use your phone as a flashlight, what happens when it too gets lost in those voluminous depths?

The Kangaroo Light, a new Kickstarter-funded flashlight designed by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian, is a fun, friendly, flexible solution to this predicament – it’s a soft, responsive version of the rigidly functional flashlight. Instead of the conventional device, which often gets forgotten except when it’s used for the niche purpose of illuminating your bag, the Kangaroo Light is designed to inspire unexpected uses and truly go everywhere with you.


The most distinctive aspect of this light is its shape; instead of having a definite, sculpted form, it’s instead foldable and soft to the touch. The design, which uses triangular creases to allow the item to fold down to a tiny size, is reminiscent of Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao bag, with which it seems highly compatible. Its foldability, aside from reducing its bulk, also adds to its functionality within a soft bag as it illuminates multiple folds and creases.


Of course, flexibility is the name of the game here. The Kangaroo Light, thanks to being powered by 24 built-in LED lights, can also handle variable intensities, making it perfect outside your bag as well, as a night light, camping tool, or reading light. There are no tricky buttons or options to switch between these modes; the device instead incorporates an accelerometer that allows you to toggle between modes such as flickering and pulsing. The battery is designed to last 2.5 hours and can be conveniently recharged via USB.


If this concept reminds you a bit of the Ostrich Pillow, last year’s goofy but memorable Kickstarter-funded concept, then you’re on the right track. Kangaroo Light was developed by the same company, STUDIO BANANA THiNGS, this time in collaboration with The Innovation Quarter at Bangor University (UK), which specializes in “Challenge-led innovation: implementing solutions to societal challenges.” If you pledge $67 to the project on Kickstarter, you can get the Early Bird Special on a product of this unique process.


Kangaroo Light

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