Special Caps Upcycle Coke Bottles Into New Tools [Video]

Special Caps Upcycle Coke Bottles Into New Tools [Video]

Coca-Cola has launched a new campaign called '2nd Lives,' which creates useful objects such as paintbrushes and pencil sharpeners.

Emma Hutchings

Coca-Cola has launched a new campaign featuring a line of 16 unique bottle caps that can be attached to its bottles after they’ve been used. The company partnered with Ogilvy & Mather China for ‘2nd Lives,’ with the aim of encouraging people to reuse and recycle more plastic.

As part of its global sustainability program, Coca-Cola imagines what it would be like if their empty bottles weren’t thrown away and instead they had a second life after the Coke was gone. The innovative caps they’ve created can be screwed onto the top of the bottles after consumption.

As can be seen in the ‘Coca-Cola 2nd Lives’ video, they transform the boring empty bottles into fun and useful objects. These include a paintbrush, pencil sharpener, bubble-blower, water pistol, lotion or shampoo dispenser, children’s toy, squirter for watering plants, night light, and ketchup or sauce dispenser, amongst others.


The creative bottle caps are being handed out to customers when they purchase a bottle of Coke. 40,000 are being given away in Vietnam, before the program rolls out across Asia. Ogilvy & Mather worked with packaging designers Maxx-Marketing to develop the bottle caps and come up with different ideas for their use.

Juggi Ramakrishnan, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Beijing, says the smart campaign would be popular and easy to roll out in other countries too:

The idea has universal appeal and can therefore be replicated in other markets, beyond Asia. These unique bottle caps are changing consumers’ behavior and mindsets with an incredibly simple, yet clever, idea. It’s not about high tech capabilities, just creative thinking.

After the campaign in Vietnam, ‘2nd Lives’ will spread to other locations including Thailand and Indonesia. It could also easily be launched in other countries around the world. A lot of the bottle caps, such as the paintbrush and pencil sharpener, would be really appreciated by children in educational settings. You can check out the campaign and see some of the useful caps being used by people of all ages in the video below: