LED Yoga Mat Guides Your Hands And Feet With Flashing Lights

Tera uses illumination to guide users through capoeira, pilates and more.

Leah Gonzalez

Product design and engineering firm LUNAR developed an interactive exercise mat called TERA, which aims to redesign how people engage in fitness activities in their home.

TERA is a modern carpet that can transform into a high-tech exercise equipment. The carpet turns into an interactive exercise mat, and, according to the press release, the circular shape of the exercise mat is “designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion, making transitions between poses and keeping up the flow of the practice easier.” The mat has an intelligent surface that can recognize movement patterns and activate a specially-developed app that leads the user through an interactive training session.

The circular mat works with the app and an LED lighting system built into its surface to become an exercise guide for its owner. The TERA app guides the user through exercises like stretching exercises, yoga, pilates, capoeira, Thai bo and more, and includes different levels of difficulty for each type of exercise. Sensors embedded in the mat register any pressure exerted by the user on the interactive mat to allow it to detect the user’s body and weight shifts. The sensors record the data for analysis by the app and users can share their training data on their social media networks.

The mat is made of environment-friendly, wear- and slip-resistant shear wool developed by Kvadrat, a Danish premium manufacturer of design textiles. The modern circular design of the mat allows it to blend seamlessly into a contemporary home space when it’s not being used.

TERA is part of a series of home exercise design concepts created by LUNAR Europe. The series includes the VELA cycle trainer, which transforms from a workout tool to an interesting contemporary sculpture, and the NOVA climbing wall, which consists of panels with cut-outs that create visually integrated climbing holds instead of the usual climbing holds that jut out of the wall.

The TERA interactive mat was first presented at Germany’s largest design event, the Munich Creative Business Week in February.

View more images of the TERA and the app below.

Check out the video below about the product.


[h/t]: Co.Design